Open Show 9th August 2009

Sunday 9th August 2009

Judge: Lea Bogers-Dam (Tripol’s)

Best in Show: Shanaz Sporran (W Reid)

Reserve Best in Show: Craigdean Emakokr (Ewan)

Best Bitch: Craigdean Emakokr (Ewan)

Reserve Best Bitch: Carlundie’s Ignorance is Bliss JW (Cartney)

Best Dog: Shanaz Sporran (W Reid)

Reserve Best Dog: SH CH IR Lynshow Kraigwitha-K (Mason)

Best Puppy in Show: Lynwater Brandy Truffle (Maclean) BPD

Reserve Best Puppy: Rosecourt Royal Gold (Donnelly) BPB

Best Veteran in Show: SH CH & IR SH CH Lynshow Kraigwitha-K (Mason)


Veteran Dog (3)

1st. SH CH IR Lynshow Kraigwitha-K (Mason)

2nd. Come Fly with me at Scomar (Hynd)

3rd. Linnington Artful Dodger (Davidson)

Minor Puppy Dog (5)

1st. Lynwater Brandy Truffle (Maclean)

2nd. Lynshow Touch of Frost (Mason)

3rd. Scomar Interceptor (Hynd)

Res. Coolela Rob Roy (Macfarlane)

Puppy Dog (4, 1a))

1st. Amaclassic Total Knockout (Snell)

2nd. Totenkopf Dutch Dabloon (Flowers)

3rd. Scomar Interceptor (Hynd)

Junior Dog (3)

1st. Shanaz Sporran (Reid)

2nd. Craigdean Axle (Ewan)

3rd. Scomar Interceptor (Hynd)

Yearling Dog (3)

1st. Tipperlin Secret Agent (Kennedy)

2nd. Totenkopf Pure Moonlight (Flowers)

3rd. Tvaerra Kings Ransom (Christie)

Maiden Dog (4)

1st. Totenkopf Dutch Dabloon (Flowers)

2nd. Torenkopf Blue Moon at Auchterbank (Hyslop)

3rd. Scomar Endeavour (Hynd)

Res. Raithridge Shoogle (Neatham & Gribbin)

Novice Dog (3)

1st. Totenkopf Dutch Dabloon (Flowers)

2nd. Scomar Endeavour (Hynd)

3rd. Raithridge Shoogle (Neatham & Gribbin)

Black;Red/Gold;Black/Tan Graduate Dog (1)

1st. Totenkopf Pure Moonlight (Flowers)

AOC Graduate Dog (4)

1st. Rancecraig Romeo (Craig)

2nd. Tipperlin Torchwood (Kennedy)

3rd. Totenkopf Moondust (Flowers)

Res. Tvaerra Kings Ransom (Christie)

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1st. Rhuston Evermore with Budminteal (Williamson)

2nd. Totenkopf Moondust (Flowers)


Limit Dog (1)

1st. Craigdean Franks A Million at Luanshya (Smith)

Open Dog (4,1a)

1st. Kirlinjis Lynx Touch (Torbett)

2nd. Lynshow Sea Breeze (Mason)

3rd. Belltrees Another Blue (Davidson)


Veteran Bitch (3,1a)

1st. Chataway Naomi Campbell SH CM (Woods)

2nd. Lynwater Wren (Maclean)

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)

1st. Rosecourt Royal Gold (Donnelly)

2nd. Carlundie’s Sense of Honour (Cartney)

3rd. Lynwater Hot Gossip (Maclean)

Res. Lynwater Toffee Truffle (Maclean)

Puppy Bitch (9)

1st. Rosecourt Royal Gold (Donnelly)

2nd. Lynwater Bright Moon (Maclean)

3rd. Daltonare Dark Dream (Findlay)

Res. Lindrha Dawn Delight (McCaffery)

Junior Bitch (9, 1a)

1st. Craigdean Emakokr (Ewan)

2nd. Danton Cleo (Harrison)

3rd. Totenkopf Moon Maiden (Flowers)

Res. Kirlinjis Little Mermaid (Torbett)

Yearling Bitch (5)

1st. Shanaz Nifty (Reid)

2nd. Tipperlin Inky Pinky (Kennedy)

3rd. Danton Cleo (Harrison)

Res.Kirlinjis Little Mermaid (Torbett)

Maiden Bitch (7, 2a)

1st. Selna’s I’ve got the feeling at Lynshow (Mason)

2nd. Totenkopf Moon Maiden (Flowers)

3rd. Sunset Blue Silver Eclipse (Conlan)

Res. Budminteal Chantilly Lace (Espie)

Novice Bitch (4)

1st. Totenkopf Moon Maiden (Flowers)

2nd. Sunset Blue Silver Eclipse (Conlan)

3rd. Lynwater Sea Dream (Maclean)

Res. Ryanside’s Melody Maker (McLelland)

Black;Red/Gold;Black/Tan Graduate Bitch (7)

1st. Lynwater Black Tern (Todd & Maclean)

2nd. Kenan Summer Solstice (Bodzak)

3rd. Lochdene Jemma from Grandtully (McCabe & McGregor)

Res. Totenkopf Miss Moneypenny at Kirlinjis (Torbett)

AOC Graduate Bitch (5)

1st. Danton Cleo (Harrison)

2nd. Kirlinjis Little Mermaid (Torbett)

3rd. Borthwick Hope (Ovens)

Res. Daltonare Dusty Dane (Findlay)

Post Graduate Bitch (8)

1st. Carlundie’s Ignorance is Bliss JW (Cartney)

2nd. Lynwater Vanity Fair (Maclean)

3rd. Danton Cleo (Harrison)

Res. Borthwick Hope (Ovens)

Limit Bitch (6)

1st. Whinburn Whispering Dreams SH CM (Adams)

2nd. Tipperlin Perfect Peach (Kennedy)

3rd. Cazden Knockando (Bradley)

Res. Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow (Torbett)

Open Bitch(4, 2a))

1st. Lucy Celtic Star (McGlynn)

2nd. Borthwick Hope (Ovens)

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