Championship Show Results – April 2009

Judges –

Dogs – Ms Glenis Williams (Wistaston)

Bitches – Mr Rui Oliveira

BCC & BIS – Carmelfair Silver Chalice JW (Fairbairn)

DCC – Glentree Zanette JW (Glennerster)

RDCC- Shenmore Sunny Jim (Jones & Simmonds)

RBCC & BPIS – Kirlinjis Little Mermaid (Torbett)

BVIS – SH CH IR Lynshow Kraigwitha-K SH CM (Mason)

(Full Results after Pictures)

 BIS BCC & Dogcc champ 09RDCC Champ 09

From left to right: BCC & BIS Carmelfair Silver Chalice JW (Janetta Fairbairn) & DCC Glentree Zanette JW (Joan Glennerster)

with Judges Glenis Williams & Rui Oliveira and President Mr George Findlay. RDCC Shenmore Sunny Jim

 BPD BPB RBCC champ 09Best Vet Dog CC Champ 09

From Left to right: BPD Totenkopf Moondust (Colin Flowers) & BPIS & RBCC Kirlinjis Little Mermaid (Kirsty Torbett)

Veteran Bitch Helenwood Irresistabelle (Jackie Marris-Bray) & BVIS SH CH & IR SH CH Lynshow Kraigwitha-K (handled by Donna Clubb)


Veteran Dog (4)

1st: – SH CH & IR SH CH Lynshow Kraigwitha-K SH CM

2nd: – Zakova Blueprint for Ruphill SH CM

3rd: – Amaroanne My Fathers Eyes

Res. Noslien November Gift

Black: Red/Gold: Black & Tan Puppy Dog (2)
1st: – Amaclassic Mr Wonder

2nd – Lynwater Red Kite

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Novice Dog (1)

1st: – Lynwater Kuro

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Graduate Dog (2)
1st: – Sheigra Starstruck

2nd: – Nimcol Topgun

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Special Open Dog (2)
1st: – Selna Solitary Man

2nd: – IR SH CH Hilfiger Hot Chocolate of Kerrijoy

Any Other Colour Puppy Dog (3)
1st: – Totenkpof Blue Moon

2nd – Shanaz Sporran

3rd. Riondel Caribbean Voyager

Any Other Colour Novice Dog (2)
1st: – Kinvale Stop n Look
2nd: – Tvaerra Kings Ransom

Any Other Colour Graduate Dog (6, 1a)
1st: – Kirlinjis Trick or Treat at Carmelfair

2nd: – Wilmerella Indiana Jones
3rd: – Blueacre Startime

Res – Nullea Over the Moon JW

VHC – Abilou Starlight of Lunetta

Any Other Colour Special Open Dog (3)
1st: – SH CH Lindridge Moon Catcher
2nd: – SH CH Baysway Davy Boy (Imp)

3rd – Bucburgh Va Va Voom back at Kafernes

Any Colour Minor Puppy Dog (10)
1st: – Craigdean Axle
2nd: – Glasedin Grenadier
3rd: – Glasedin Guards Club
Res: – Bencleuch Beaujolais
V.H.C.: – Abilou’s High Flyer

Any Colour Puppy Dog (6)
1st: – Totenkopf Moondust
2nd: – Totenkopf Blue Moon
3rd: – Kyna Mr Bojangles

Res. – Amaclassic Mr Wonder

VHC. – Sunnerset Midnight Gamble at Atherbron

Any Colour Junior Dog (5)
1st: – Tipperlin Secret Agent
2nd: – Sheigra Starstruck
3rd: – Kinvale Stop n Look
Res: – Totenkopf Pure Moonlight
V.H.C.: – Sonham Ginger Snapz

Any Colour Maiden Dog (1)
1st:- Chataway Giles

Any Colour Novice Dog (3)
1st: – Tipperlin Secret Agent

2nd: – Kinvale Stop n Look

3rd: – Tipperlin Rebel Yell by Blueacre

Any Colour Special Yearling Dog (6, 1a)
1st: – Rancecraig Romeo
2nd: – Lynwater Sea Star
3rd: – Cassom Hey Jude JW
Res: – Nimcol Top Gun
V.H.C.: – Tvaeraa Kings Ransom

Any Colour Undergraduate Dog (no entries)

Any Colour Graduate Dog (2)
1st: – Lindridge Trooping Colours

2nd: – Charbonnel Swedish Design JW

Any Colour Post Graduate Dog (11, 3a)
1st: – Glentree Let’s Jive in Kalrezienne JW

2nd: – Helenwood Technician
3rd: – Lower Exley January Dawn
Res: – Joaldy Mr Bumble
V.H.C.: – Rhuston Evermore with Budminteal

Any Colour Mid Limit Dog (10)
1st: Shenmore Sunny Jim

2nd. – Canyonn Classic Welcome JW

3rd. – Robraine Sulamani JW

Res. Craigdean Franks a Million at Luanshya

VHC. Wizzmill Marble Blue Among Ruphill JW

Any Colour Limit Dog (10, 3a)
1st: – Glentree Zanetta JW
2nd: – Manacas Learn Lifes Ropes at Charbonnel (Imp)
3rd: – Rancecraig Romeo
Res: – Merryhaze Blue Moon over Helenwood
V.H.C.: – Kelbonny Goes Dutch

Any Colour Open Dog (6, 1a)
1st: – Lujesa Ecstasy JW
2nd: – SH CH Lindridge Star Quest
3rd: – Lower Exley January Dawn
Res: – Belltrees Another Blue

VHC. – Kirlinjis Lynx Touch


Veteran Bitch (3)

1st: – SH CH Helenwood Irresistabelle

2nd. Kyrenia Golden Times

3rd.- Chataway Naomi Campbell SH CM

Any Other Colour Puppy Bitch (4, 1a)
1st: – Danton Cleo
2nd: – Lynshow Wiggle
3rd: – Riondel Midnight Memories at Forthbay

Any Other Colour Novice Bitch (4)
1st: – Glasedin Groovy Baby
2nd: – Teppops Epression

3rd.- Kinvale Dancin on Ice

Res.- Kenmilleven Perdita of Carmelfair

Any Other Colour Graduate Bitch (2, 1a)
1st:- Lindridge Amazing Grace

Any Other Colour Special Open Bitch (5, 1a)
1st: – Spendles Long Time Coming

2nd.- Jayzander Strands of Gold

3rd. – Lindridge Tiger Lillie at Meldyke

Res.- Tvaerra Dominique

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Puppy Bitch (8)
1st: – Canigou Grace and Favour
2nd: -Cavalingo Show Stopper at Laveris
3rd: – Robraine Sadenia
Res: – Thurness Beautiful Dreams

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Novice Bitch (6)
1st: – Sheigra Swing on a Star
2nd: – Princess Sigrid Gold at Chavitore
3rd: – Lochranza Madame Cholet

Res.- Cleekie Jisteen Doric Quine

VHC. – Lynshow Gypsy Moon

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Graduate Bitch (7, 2a)
1st: – Lochdene Gemma from Grandtully
2nd: – Kenan Summer Solstice
3rd: – Quettadene Romance at Anjspan

Res: – Kastrian Essence JW

VHC: – Cleekie Jisteen Doric Quine

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Special Open Bitch (7)
1st: – Helen wood Wiggle Dance

2nd: – SC CH Lujesa Touch the Sky JW

3rd. – Whirlaw Lady Luella

Res. – Whinburn Sweet Dream Baby at Thurness

VHC.- Lochranza Specially Made for Trentshome

Any Colour Minor Puppy Bitch (14)
1st: – Craigdean Emmakokr
2nd: – Canigou Rock Chick
3rd: – Craigdean Mamma Mia
Res: – Marada Elegant Wispa to Hebdene
V.H.C.: – Lynwater Lady Dipper

Any Colour Puppy Bitch (19, 2a)
1st: – Kirlinjis Little Mermaid
2nd: – Lujesa Bee Teelicious
3rd: – Danton Cleo
Res: – Kyna Penny Farthing
V.H.C. – Lochranza Toil n Trouble

Any Colour Junior Bitch (13)

1st: – Royaldean Don’t Stop da Music
2nd: – Tipperlin Inky Pinky
3rd: – Riondel Tennessee Moon
Res: – Craigdean Viva la Diva
V.H.C.: – Sheigra Swing on a Star

Any Colour Maiden Bitch (10)

1st: – Sheigra Swing on a Star

2nd: – Glasedin Groovy Baby

3rd: – Kyrenia Myosotis Millicent at Atherbron

Res: – Chativore Steel Magnolia

VHC: – Lynwater Sea Dream

Any Colour Novice Bitch (7)
1st: – Kirlinjis Little Mermaid
2nd: – Tipperlin Inky Pinky
3rd: – Sheigra Swing on a Star

Res: – Glasedin Groovy Baby

VHC: – Kinvale Dancin on Ice

Any Colour Yearling Bitch (12,1a)
1st: Whirlaw Lady Luella

2nd: – Helenwood Crystal Maze
3rd: – Chaysonnie Diva
Res: – Manacas Laid out in Lavender at Wilmerella IR JC
V.H.C.: – Craigdean Viva la Diva

Any Colour Undergraduate Bitch (4, 2a)
1st: – Chativore Memphis Belle
2nd: – Shiegra Swing on a Star

Any Colour Graduate Bitch (3)
1st: – Charbonnel Dream Design JW

2nd: – Borthwick Hope
3rd: – Dalarran Fen Mollie Dancer

Any Colour Post Graduate Bitch (11, 1a)
1st: – Canyonn Classic Touch JW
2nd: – Canigou Tail me a Story
3rd: – Sonham Charisma
Res: – Wilmerella Maddison Blues at Amaroanne

V.H.C.: – Lochdene Gemma from Grandtully

Any Colour Mid Limit Bitch (41a)
1st: – Totenkopf Miss Moneypenny at Kirlinjis
2nd: – Cazden Knockando

3rd: – Whinburn Whispering Dreams SH CM

Any Colour Limit Bitch (13)
1st: – Carmelfair Silver Chalice JW
2nd: – Helenwood Dazzlin
3rd: – Lujesa Speciosa SH CM
Res: – Whirlaw Lady Luealla
V.H.C.: – Marada Glow of Elegance at Hebdene

Any Colour Open Bitch (8)
1st: – SH CH Dillonpark Ambrogina JW
2nd: – Dandyjan Chardonnay
3rd: – Micaradee Gemstone Lily
Res: – SH CH Shanaz Peever (IR SH CH)
V.H.C.: – Totenkopf Miss Moneypenny at Kirlinjis


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