Sunday 22nd November 2009

Judge: Mr Ken Grice (Kyna)

Best in Show & Best Bitch: Craigdean Emakokr (Ewan)

Reserve Best in Show & Best Dog: Shanaz Sporran (Reid)

Reserve Best Dog: Tipperlin Torchwood (Kennedy)

Reserve Best Bitch: Shanaz Nifty (Reid)

Best Puppy in Show: Lynwater Favour (MacLean)

Reserve Best Puppy: Lynwater Sunshiner (MacLean)

Best Veteran in Show: Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch LynshowKraigwith-a-K Sh CM (Mason)


from left to right – BIS: Craigdean Emakokr (Ewan), RBISShanaz Sporran (Reid), BPIS: Lynwater Favour (MacLean)

image003 image004

from left to right – BB: Craigdean Emakokr (Ewan),   RBB: Shanaz Nifty (Reid),                            from left to right – RBD: Tipperlin Torchwood (Kennedy),  BD: Shanaz Sporran (Reid)


  from left to right – BPB & BPIS: Lynwater Favour (MacLean)                                          from left to right – BVIS: Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Lynshow

           BPD: Lynwater Sunshiner (MacLean)                                    

Kraigwith-a-K Sh CM (Mason),


                                                                                                                                                                                                        FULL RESULTS

Veteran Dog (3,1a)

1st. Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch LynshowKraigwith-a-K Sh CM (Mason)

2nd. Come Fly With Me at Scomar (Hynd)

Minor Puppy Dog (6)

1st. Lynwater Sunshiner ( MacLean)

2nd. Bartonholm Fickle Fortune (Duncan)

3rd.Mondale Manhattan (Moncrieff )

Res. Vistwin Valhalla (Bradford)

Puppy Dog (5)

1st. Lynwater Blue Thumder (Maclean)

2nd. Lynshow Touch of Frost (Mason)

3rd. Coolela Rob Roy (McFarlane)

Res. Kenine Copal Shine (Leonard)

Junior Dog (4)

1st. Shanaz Sporran (Reid)

2nd. Totenkopf Blue Moon at Auchterbank

3rd.Scomar Interceptor (Hynd)

Res. Amaclassic Total Kockout (Snell)

Yearling Dog (1)

1st. Scomar Interceptor (Hynd)

Maiden Dog (3)

1st. Lynwater Brandy Truffle (Maclean)

2nd. Coolela Rob Roy (McFarlane)

3rd. Kenine Copal Shine (Leonard)

Novice Dog (4,1a)

1st. Tipperlin Torchwood (Kennedy)

2nd. Lynwater Standing By (McFadzean)

3rd. Scomar Endeavour (Hynd)

Black;Red/Gold;Black/Tan Graduate Dog (1)

1st. Kenine Copal Shine (Leonard)

AOC Graduate Dog (6, 1a)

1st. Craigdean Axle (Ewan)

2nd. Rancecraig Romeo (Craig)

3rd. Totenkopf Blue Moon at Auchterbank

Res. Tvaerra Vidor (Christie)

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1st.Tipperlin Secret Agent (Kennedy)

2nd. Tvaerra Vidor (Christie)

Limit Dog (2)

1st. Rhuston Evermore with Budminteal (Williamson)

2nd. Craigdean Franks a Million at Lunashaya

Open Dog (4, 2a)

1st. Lynshow Sea Breeze (Mason)

2nd. Kirlinjis Lynx Touch (Torbett)


Veteran Bitch (2,1a)

1st. Briconess Mercury Rising (Bodzak)

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)

1st. Vistwin Kiss Me Quick (Bradford)

2nd. Tipperlin What Katy Did (Kennedy)

3rd.Belltrees Bonnie Lass (Woods)

Res. Kirlinjis It Wasn’t Me (Hamilton)

Puppy Bitch (7)

1st. Lynwater Favour (MacLean)

2nd. Rosecourt Royal Star (Fairbairn)

3rd. Carlundie’s Sense of Honour (Cartney)

Res. Lynwater Tough Tines (Kennedy & Waddington)

Junior Bitch (5)

1st. Craigdean Emakokr (Ewan)

2nd. Lochranza Cordelia (MacFarlane)

3rd. Gartcoch’s Witchy Woo at Laelia (Wynne)

Res. Sunset Blue Silver Eclipse (Conlan)

Yearling Bitch (3,1a)

1st. Kirlinjis Little Mermaid JW (Torbett)

2nd, Mistresso Jo’s Little Angel (Kirk)


Maiden Bitch (6)

1st. Lynwater Toffee Truffle (MacLean)

2nd. Waterlily Belle at Lynshow (Mason)

3rd. Sunset Blue Silver Eclipse (Conlan)

Res. Mistresso Jo’s Little Angel (Kirk)

Novice Bitch (8)

1st. Lochranza Cordelia (MacFarlane)

2nd. Res. Mistresso Jo’s Little Angel (Kirk)

3rd. . Lynwater Tough Tines (Kennedy & Waddington)

Res. Sunset Blue Silver Eclipse (Conlan)

Black;Red/Gold;Black/Tan Graduate Bitch (4,1a)

1st. Lynshow Sineubhar (Mason)

2nd. Lochdene Jemma from Grandtully (McCabe/McGregor)

3rd. Kenan Summer Solstice (Bodzak)

AOC Graduate Bitch (5, 4a)

1st. Daltonare Dusty Dane (Findlay)

Post Graduate Bitch (5,3a)

1st. Carlundie’s Ignorance is Bliss (Cartney)

2nd. Kirlinhis Ghosts and Ghouls (Torbett)

Limit Bitch (1)

1st. Shanaz Nifty (Reid)

Open Bitch (6,4a)

1st. Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow (Torbett)

2nd. Shadowview Sea Breeze (Gray)


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