maynstar 004

The “Working Cocker Spaniel” bred for hunting, finding and flushing game, from rabbits to beating on a large shoot driving pheasants over the waiting guns is the very same Cocker Spaniel that you may see in the show ring. The difference is obvious. They look very different, they can be much taller, longer, have high set ears and very little feathering. Some even look like Spaniel crosses. Many like the two solids pictured left have large white patches on their chest. When breeding a working cocker, colour doesn’t matter, solids may be bred to a roan or an and white. It is what lies between the ears that matter.

They are bred for intelligence, speed  and hunting style, this is charged with un-relentless drive and ability to hunt all day never dropping a gear.
They have a passion to be trained, give constant eye contact with their handler/owner but not all working bred cockers are suitable in a pet home. From the description above, can you imagine the damage a bored working puppy, coiled with energy could do if left unattended.

They need regular exercise and an outlet for all that energy that has been bred into them.

I have placed a few working cockers in pet homes but only to those that have had working cockers before and know the demand that these happy athletic, energetic dogs require.

Star – the Working Cocker in action

    Kindly written by Roz Wardrop (Whinburn)

Owner, worker & breeder of Working & Show Cocker Spaniels