The Cocker Spaniel Club of Scotland/provides a listing of members with current litters as a FREE service to potential puppy owners, but please remember to make sure you carry out your own checks when visiting any breeder. A dog is a lifelong responsibility. Please take the time to read The Cocker Spaniel Club ‘s (Parent Club of the Breed in the UK) advice on finding a reputable breeder HERE


All breeders listed on this page agree to abide by the Kennel Clubs Code of Ethics and the Breed Specific Guidelines and have been a fully paid up member of the club for a minimum of 2 years.

(Please note: membership fees are due on 1st January. Contact Membership Secretary, Treasurer or Secretary to renew yours, if not already done so. We cannot include your listing here if you are not an up-to-date member.)

As of the 30th April 2007 the docking of dogs was banned in Scotland, therefore all puppies born after this date will NOT be docked.

Kennel: Lochellan
Area: Stirlingshire
D.O.B 31st March 2024
Available Date: 26th May 2024
Dogs Available: 1
Bitches Available: 3
Colour: Blue Roan
Contact: Gill Clelland
Tel: 07947720384


Kennel: Carmelfair
Area: Ayrshire
D.O.B 5th February 2024
Available Date: 1st April 2024
Dogs Available: 3
Bitches Available: 3
Colour: Blue Roan
Contact: Janetta Fairbairn
Tel: 07915193219