Sunday 30th November 2008

Judge: Mr Brian Wolstenholme (Wilholme)

Best in Show & Best Dog: Lynshow Sea Breeze (Mason)

Reserve Best in Show & Best Bitch:Carmelfair Silver Chalice JW (Fairbairn)

Reserve Best Dog: Rhuston Evermore with Budminteal (Williamson)

Reserve Best Bitch: Vistwin Brite Spark (Bradford)

Best Puppy in Show: Chataway Gilroy (Todd) BPD

Reserve Best Puppy: Tipperlin Inky Pinky (Kennedy) BPB

Best Veteran in Show:

Amaroanne My Father’s Eyes, (Lowery)

(Full Results after pictures)

    Bis and Res BISBest Puppy B&D

From left to right: BIS Lynshow Sea Breeze, RBIS & Best Bitch Carmelfair Silver Chalice JW, BPIS Chataway Gilroy, Best Puppy Bitch Tipperlin Inky Pinky

Best veteranMrs Ovens_1

From left to right: Judge Mr Brian Wolstenholme, BVIS Amaroane My fathers Eyes, Mrs Ovens with President George Findlay. Mrs Ovens celebrated her 80th Birthday on the day of the show and was presented with flowers, cards and a cake and also made an honorary life member of the club.


Veteran Dog (4,2a)

1st. Amaroanne My Father’s Eyes, Lowery

2nd. Linnington Artful Dodger, Davidson

Minor Puppy Dog (7)

1st. Totenkopf Pure Moonlight, Flowers

2nd. Shanaz Sporran, Reid

3rd. Chataway Giles, Todd

Res. Gillerlane Ulterior Motive, Long

Puppy Dog (3,1a)

1st. Chataway Gilroy, Todd

2nd. Kinvale Stop n Look, Barnett

Junior Dog (2, 1a)

1st. Carjinbar Peeka Boo, Flowers

Yearling Dog (3)

1st. Bencleuch Bollinger, McLaren

2nd. Carjinbar Peekaboo, Flowers

3rd. Broanglen Bob A Job at Kirkewan, Retson

Maiden Dog (1)

1st. Lynwater Sea Breeze, Mrs E MacLean

Novice Dog (2,1a)

1st. Broanglen Bob A Job at Kirkewan, Retson

Black;Red/Gold;Black/Tan Graduate Dog (1)

1st. Carjinbar Peeka Boo, Flowers

AOC Graduate Dog (5,1a)

1st. Rhuston Eevermore with Budminteal, Williamson

2nd. Kirlinjis Lynx Touch, Miss K Torbett

3rd. Wilmerella Were Here at Amaroane. Lowery

Post Graduate Dog (5)

1st.Lynwater Sea Haze, Maclean

2nd. Kelbonny Gos Dutch, Flowers

3rd. Carlundie’s Cook up a Storm, Cartney

Res. Craigdean Franks a Million at Luanshya, Smith


Limit Dog (2)

1st. Lynshow Sea Breeze, Mason

2nd. Wildvale Rioja, Wild

Open Dog (3,1a)

1st. Kirlinjis Lynx Touch, Torbett

2nd. Belltrees Another Blue Davidson


Veteran Bitch (2)

1st. Chataway Naomi Campbell SH CM, Mrs D Woods

2nd. Carmelfair Talitha, Miss K Torbett

Minor Puppy Bitch (12)

1st. Tipperlin Inky Pinky, Kennedy

2nd. Totenkopf Charisma, Flowers

3rd. Budminteal Amder Nectar, Williamson

Res. Craigdean Tanya Kinky Boots, Ewan

Puppy Bitch (6)

1st. Kinvale Dancin on Ice, Barnett

2nd. Craigdean Viva la Diva, Ewan

3rd. Weirdene Tiana, Law

Junior Bitch (4)

1st. Lynwater Vanity Fair, Maclean

2nd. Craigdean Eyes Adorable, Ewan

3rd. Lochranza Madame Cholet,

MacFarlane handling for Gillespie & Wilding

Yearling Bitch (6, 2a)

1st. Mondale Eclipse, Moncreiff

2nd, Carlundie’s Ignorance is Blis JW, Mrs C Cartney

3rd. Kenan Summer Solstice, Bodzak

Res. Lucy Celtic Star, McGlynn

Maiden Bitch (2, 1a)

1st. Kirlinjis Little Maid, Torbett

Novice Bitch (6, 4a)

1st. Strathturret Shaking it, Murray

Black;Red/Gold;Black/Tan Graduate Bitch (4, 1a)

1st. Totenkopf Miss Moneypenny at Kirlinjis, Torbett

2nd. Briconess Mercury Rising Bodzak

3rd. Amaclassic Summer Lovin, Snell

AOC Graduate Bitch (6, 3a)

1st. Rosie Surprise Surprise at Carmelfair, Fairbairn

2nd. Kirlinjis Ghosts n Ghouls, Torbett

3rd. Borthwick Hope, Ovens

Post Graduate Bitch (8, 2a)

1st. Vistwin Brite Spark, Bradford

2nd. Rhuston Christmas Rose for Budminteal, Williamson

3rd. Wilmerella Maddison Blues at Amaroane, Lowery

Res. Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow,Torbett

Limit Bitch (6, 4a)

1st. Javal Songbird, Brown

2nd. Amaclassic Baby Love Snell

Open Bitch(9, 2a)

1st. Carmelfair Silver Chalice JW, Fairbairn

2nd. Tipperlin Eachy Peachy, Mr & Mrs Kennedy

3rd. Sirrah Sassanach at Strathturret, Murray

Res. Quilmhair Pipers Polka, Snell


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