Sunday 26th November 2006
Judge: Mr Anthony Jury (Tibblestone)
Best in Show: Shanaz Peever (IR Sh Ch) (Reid)
Reserve Best in Show: Lynshow Kraigwitha-K (SH CM) (Mason)

Best Puppy in Show: Whinburn Whispering Dreams (Wardrop)
Reserve Best Puppy: Shanaz Stramash (Reid)
Best Veteran in Show: Rancecraig Pickpocket (Smith)

Full Results After Pictures


Veteran Dog
1st. Rancecraig Pickpocket, Mr & Mrs Smith
2nd. Scomar Flash Harry, Mrs M Hynd

Minor Puppy Dog
1st. Fortharmill For Me, Mrs Craig
2nd. Spendles Moonwalker, Mrs L Duncan

Puppy Dog
1st. Shanaz Stramash, Mrs W reid

Junior Dog
1st. Craigdean Franks A Million, Mr & Mrs Smith

Yearling Dog
1st. Lynwater Sea Haze, Mrs E Maclean
2nd. Robraine Armitraj, Mr G Snell
3rd. Belltrees Another Blue, Miss L J Davidson

Novice Dog
1st. Kirlinjis Trick or Treat at Carmelfair, J Fairbairn
2nd. Weirdene Winter Sun, Mr R Weir
3rd. Craigdean Franks A Million, Mr & Mrs Smith

Black;Red/Gold;Black/Tan Graduate Dog
1st. Briconess Vendetta, Miss G Evans
2nd. Craigdean Raven Tan Do, Mrs S Ewan
3rd. Chataway Rock Gospel, Mrs B Poynter

AOC Graduate Dog
1st. Forfarian Sunny Jim, Mr J Furness

Post Graduate Dog
1st. Weirdene Western Barney, Mr R Weir
2nd. Wildvale Rioja, Mrs V Wild

Limit Dog
1st. Come Fly with me at Scomar, Mrs M Hynd

Open Dog
1st. Lynshow Kraigwitha-K SH CM, Mrs C Mason
2nd. Weirdene Wildcard, Mr R Weir
3rd. Scomar Flash Harry, Mrs M Hynd


Veteran Bitch
1st. Carmelfair Talitha, Miss K Tobett

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st. Bencleuch Birdsong, W & L & A McLaren
2nd. Carmelfair Silver Chalice, Mrs J Fairbairn
3rd. Amaclassic Baby Love, Mr G Snell
Res. Gartcosh Celti, Mrs P Cairns

Puppy Bitch
1st. Whinburn Whispering Dreams, Wardrop
2nd. Kinvale Waltz’n Matilda, Mrs A Barnett
3rd. Lynwater Rum Truffle, Maclean
Res. Rhuston Christmas Rose for Budminteal, L Williamson

Junior Bitch
1st. Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow, Torbett
2nd. Javal Songbird, Miss G Brown
3rd. Craigdean Careless Whisper, Ewan
Res. Boglebrig a New Beginning, Mrs L Patterson

Yearling Bitch
1st. Javal Songbird, Brown
2nd, Kirlinjis Ghosts n Ghouls, Torbett

Maiden Bitch
1st. Whinburn Whispering Dreams, Wardrop
2nd. Grandtully Temperance, McCabe/McGregor
3rd. Ryanside’s Venus of Love, J&H McLelland
Res. Zahfran Dream Maker, Mr & Mrs Grant

Novice Bitch
1st. Grandtully Nemesis, McCabe/McGregor
2nd. Lynwater Weeping Willow, Maclean
3rd. Kirlinjis Ghosts n Ghouls, Torbett
Res. Quilmhair Pipers Polka at Amaclassic, Snell

Black;Red/Gold;Black/Tan Graduate Bitch
1st. Lynwater Wren, Maclean
2nd. Belltrees Ruby, Mrs D Woods
3rd. Craigdean Tar Tan Slippers, Ewan

AOC Graduate Bitch
1st. Bartonholm out of the Blue, Woods
2nd. Borthwick Hope, Mrs M C Ovens
3rd. Weirdene Waving Blossom, Weir
Res. Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow, Torbett

Post Graduate Bitch
1st. Bartonholm Ae Fond Kiss, Duncan
2nd. Craigdean Paddington Bear, Ewan
3rd. Borthwick Hope, Ovens
Res. Drumbridge Bonnie Lass of Gartcosh, Cairns

Limit Bitch
1st. Kinvale Close to Crazy, Barnett
2nd. Rhuston Silver Diamond, Miss Johnston
3rd. Rancecraig Party Popper, Mrs E Craig

Open Bitch
1st. Shanaz Peever (IR Sh Ch), Reid
2nd. Borthwick Hope, Ovens

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