Sunday 15th April 2007
Dogs ~ Mr Gareth Lawler (Roqfolly)
Bitches ~ Mr Rodney Wyatt (Kendalwood)
Best in Show: Bitcon Let’s Dance JW
Best Puppy in Show: Asquanne Ginelle (Webster)
Dog CC: Bitcon Let’s Dance JW (Armstrong & Grice)
Reserve Dog CC: Lin dridge Ticket to Ride JW (Wildman & Fowles)

Bitch CC: IR SH CH Shanaz Peever (Reid)
Reserve Bitch CC: Jardinisle Admiration (Read)  
Best Puppy Dog: Lynwater Jack Frost (Maclean) Best Puppy Bitch: Asquanne Ginelle (Webster)
From left to right RDCC Lindridge Ticket to Ride JW, DCC & BIS Bitcon Lets Dance,BCC & RBIS Shanaz Peever (IR SH CH) & RBCC Jardinisle Admiration
Best Puppy in  Show – Asquanne Ginelle

Full Results
Black: Red/Gold: Black & Tan Puppy Dog (5, 1a)
1st: – Kenan Kopyright
2nd: – Kelbonny Go Dutch
3rd: – Kelbonny Caught-u-Looking
Res: – Charbonnel Batchelor

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Novice Dog (No Entries)

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Graduate Dog (2)
1st: – Forest Pine Class Act at Canyonn JW

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Special Open Dog (1)
1st: – Lochdene Pinpoint to Kyrenia JW

Any Other Colour Puppy Dog (4)
1st: – Shanaz Brammer
2nd: – Tipperlin Rebel Yell at Blueacre
3rd: – Wilmerella Where Here at Amaroane
Res: – Owanabby Kaiser Chief

Any Other Colour Novice Dog (5, 3a)
1st: – Kirlinjis Trick or Treat at Carmelfair
2nd: – Minvery Mythical Man

Any Other Colour Graduate Dog (6, 1a)
1st: – Olibond Peter Pan
2nd: – Classicway Cosalta Cutting Edge
3rd: – Weirdene Wildcard
Res: – Candyke Glory Road JW
V.H.C.: – Judena St. Louis Blues

Any Other Colour Special Open Dog (2)
1st: – Buckburgh Va Va Voom Back at Kafernes
2nd: – Bitcom Romancer at Auchterbank

Any Colour Minor Puppy Dog (14, 1a)
1st: – Jacomus Class Act
2nd: – Bencleuch Billionaire
3rd: – Canyonn Classic Welcome
Res: – Tipperlin Rebel Yell at Blueacre
V.H.C.: – Topday Mystic Man

Any Colour Puppy Dog (12)
1st: – Lynwater Jack Frost
2nd: – Kyna G.I. Joe
3rd: – Kenan Kopyright
Res: – Tipperlin Rebel Yell at Blueacre
V.H.C.: – Spendles Moonwalker

Any Colour Junior Dog (11, 2a)
1st: – Helenwood Wotsisname
2nd: – Speechouse San Andre at Glasfryn
3rd: – Shanaz Stramash
Res: – Cassom Jack Frost
V.H.C.: – Craigdean Raven Tan Do

Any Colour Maiden Dog (3, 1a)
1st:- Blueacre Startime
2nd: – Abilou Starlight of Lunetta

Any Colour Novice Dog (1)
1st: – Robraine Armitraj

Any Colour Special Yearling Dog (11)
1st: – Bitcon Lets Dance JW
2nd: – Merryhaze Blue Moon at Helenwood
3rd: – Mondale Midsummer Mission
Res: – Glenntree Giovanni
V.H.C.: – Buckburgh Va Va Voom back at Kafernes

Any Colour Undergraduate Dog (2)
1st: – Olibond Peter Pan
2nd: – Forfarian Sunny Jim

Any Colour Graduate Dog (4)
1st: – Baysway Davy Boy (imp)
2nd: – Olibond Peter Pan
3rd: – Asquannes Marquell Acclaim JW
Res: – Classicway Cosalta Cutting Edge

Any Colour Post Graduate Dog (8, 1a)
1st: – Lynwater Spinning Top
2nd: – Wildvale Rioja
3rd: – Wilmerella Kings Legacy JW
Res: – Rickian Shanghai at Topday
V.H.C.: – Buvkburgh Va Va Voom back at Kafernes

Any Colour Mid Limit Dog (4)
1st: Helenwood Innovation
2nd:- Lujesa Ecstacy JW
3rd: – Tipperlin Stuntman
Res: – Kenan Warrantee JW

Any Colour Limit Dog (13, 2a)
1st: – Lindridge Ticket to Ride JW
2nd: – Terriles Tonuelo JW
3rd: – Lynshow Kraig-witha-K SH CM
Res: – Wildvale Rioja
V.H.C.: – Richian Shanghai at Topday

Any Colour Open Dog (6, 2a )
1st: – SH CH Kyna Huckleberry Finn JW
2nd: – Candyke Think Don’t Feel
3rd: – Hilfiger Hot Chocolate of Kerrijoy
Res: – Robraine Armitraj


Any Other Colour Puppy Bitch (8, 3a)
1st: – Carmelfair Silver Chalice
2nd: – Rancecraig Primmin Proper
3rd: – Weirdene Wild West
Res: – Marquell Miss Miniver
V.H.C.: – Riondell Caribbean Rhythm

Any Other Colour Novice Bitch (4)
1st: – Lindridge Tiger Lillie at Meldyke
2nd: – Ellgars Bitconfused at Robraine
3rd: – Glasedin Gemstone
Res: – Minvery Mythical Mix

Any Other Colour Graduate Bitch (8, 3a)
1st:- Classicway Cosalta Country Cousin
2nd: – Nulea Foget me Not
3rd: – Weirdene Whistling Melody
Res: – Nosana Barley Sugar
V.H.C. – Candyke Guitar Heaven

Any Other Colour Special Open Bitch (4)
1st: – Shanaz Peever IR SH CH
2nd: – Cassom Athene JW
3rd: – Broachdale Athena Blue JW
Res: – Moonshine Nightime Solace at Charmwen JW

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Puppy Bitch (7, 1a)
1st: – Kenan Konnect
2nd: -Thurness Mystical Dream
3rd: – Weirdene Why not Worry
Res: – Charbonnel Fair Faith
V.H.C: – Charbonnel Fair Flair avec Amaranth

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Novice Bitch (6, 2a)
1st: – Glentree Fluer de Le
2nd: – Vistwin Brite Spark
3rd: – Quilmhair Pipers Polka
Res: – Totenkopf Miss Moneypenny at Kirlinjis

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Graduate Bitch (4, 1a)
1st: – Whin burn Sweet Dream Baby at Thurness
2nd: – Whinburn Whispering Dreams SH CM
3rd: – Charbonnel Amulette for Ansharo

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Special Open Bitch (1)
1st: – Dillonpark Ambrogina JW

Any Colour Minor Puppy Bitch (17, 4a)
1st: – Asquanne Ginelle
2nd: – Canyonn Classic Touch
3rd: – Jardinisle Class Act
Res: – Nulea Royal Tempress
V.H.C.: – Rancecraig Primmin Proper

Any Colour Puppy Bitch (23, 2a)
1st: – Helenwood Adorable
2nd: – Carmelfair Silver Chalice
3rd: – Kyna Looby Lou
Res: – Craigdean Izakokr
V.H.C. – Rhuston Oh Mary

Any Colour Junior Bitch (10, 2a)
1st: – Lynwater Rum Truffle
2nd: – Chativore Killer Queen
3rd: – Kastrian Captivation JW SH CM
Res: – Lindridge Tiger Lillie at Meldyke
V.H.C.: – Glasedin Gemstone

Any Colour Maiden Bitch (11, 3)
1st: – Marquell Anais Anais
2nd: – Lynwater Rainbow Dream
3rd: – Lindridge Tiger Lillie at Meldyke
Res: – Chativore Killer Queen
V.H.C.: – Glasedin Gemstone

Any Colour Novice Bitch (6, 2a)
1st: – Marquell Anais Anais
2nd: – Lindridge Tiger Lillie at Meldyke
3rd: – Wilmerella Wavedancer
Res: – Glasedin Gemstone

Any Colour Special Yearling Bitch (18, 2a)
1st: SH CH Dillonpark Darianne JW
2nd: – Helenwood Wiggle Dance
3rd: – Chativore Memphis Belle
Res: – Merryhaze Martini
V.H.C.: – Kenan Fabulass

Any Colour Undergraduate Bitch (6)
1st: – Classicway Cosalta Country Cousin
2nd: – Weirdene Waving Blossom
3rd: – Chativore Memphis Belle
Res: – Whinburn Whispering Dreams SH CM

Any Colour Graduate Bitch (6)
1st: – Lujesa Dolce Piselli JW
2nd: – Castanea Sweet Surrender
3rd: -Weirdene Waving  Blossom
Res: – Whinburn Whispering Dreams SH CM

Any Colour Post Graduate Bitch (18, 7a)
1st: – Jardinisle Etiquette
2nd: – Wilmerella Will O’ The Wisp of Classicway JW
3rd: – Helenwood Blue Willow
Res: – Kenan Kapers JW
V.H.C.: – Merryhaze Martini

Any Colour Mid Limit Bitch (6, 2a)
1st: – Jardinisle Admiration
2nd: – Terriles Tamsin at Merryhaze
3rd: – Wiljana Dancing Blue at Glasedin
Res: – Charbonnel Sugar n Spice for Amaranth

Any Colour Limit Bitch (12, 4a)
1st: – Lynwater Wren
2nd: – Weirdene Whistling Melody
3rd: – Kyrenia Shoestring
Res: – Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow
V.H.C.: – Javal Songbird

Any Colour Open Bitch (8, 3a)
1st: – SH CH Asquanne’s Gizane JW
2nd: – Tipperling Eachy Peachy
3rd: – Hilfiger Witchy Woman of Kerrijoy
Res: – Totenkopf Truely Scrumptious
V.H.C.: – Kirlinjis Ghosts n Ghouls

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