Open Show Sunday 25th October 2015

Cochrane Hall, Alva
Judge: Hazel Dewhurst (lapidary)

Best in Show: Shanaz Oaty
Reserve Best in Show: Carlundies Cooper

Best Puppy in Show: Misperros Silver Lining At Carmelfair
Best Veteran in Show: Craigdean Franks A Million At Luanshya

Best Dog: Carlundies Cooper
Reserve Best Dog:  Thurness The Illusionist

Best Bitch: Shanaz Oaty
Reserve Best Bitch: Shanaz Fickle


1-Veteran Dog (4,1a)
1st: Craigdean Franks A million At Luanshya

2nd Broanglen Circle Of Life At Wishuswell

3rd Tvaeraa Kings Ransom

2-Minor Puppy Dog (3)
1st: Gallingos Gold Finger
2nd: Kirlinjis Rumour Made it

3rd: Belltrees Chocolate Fudge

3-Puppy Dog (2,1a)
1st: Kirlinjis Rumour Made it

4-Junior Dog (4)
1st: Totenkopf Dutch Magician

2nd: Lynwater Quince

3rd: Strathturret Time Will Tell

Res: Laelia Ebony And Ivory

5-Yearling Dog (5)

1st: Indigo Sun

2nd: Totenkopf Dutch Magician

3rd: Lynshow Khristain

Res: Winter Dance Of Kenwad

6-Maiden Dog (3)
1st: Grandtully Aarto

2nd: Lynwater Rummar has It

3rd: Kirlinjis Rumour Made it

7-Novice Dog (3,1a)
1st Strathturret Time Will Tell

2nd: Kirlinjis Rumour Made it

8-Black; Red/Gold; Black/Tan; Liver; Liver/Tan Graduate Dog (5,1a)
1st: Thurness The Illusionist

2nd: Briconess Solar Flare

3rd: Totenkopf Dutch Magician

Res; Lynshow Kuckoo With Zheridons JW

9-Any Colour other than Black; Red/Gold; Black/Tan; Liver; Liver/Tan Graduate Dog (3,1a)
1st: Strathturret Raindance

2nd: Lynwater Walnut Whip

10-Post Graduate Dog (3,1a)
1st: Lynwater Spun Yarn

2nd: Pembroke Gate Dandy lad

11-Limit Dog (7,)
1st: Carlundies Cooper

2nd: Lynwater Day Dreamer Of Kenwad

3rd: Lynwater Storm Petrel

Res: Lynwater Summer Solstice

12-Open Dog (5,1a)
1st: Craigdean Callimakokr At Luanshya SH CM

2nd: Lynwater Wild mint

3rd: Totenkopf Magic Touch JW

Res: Chativore Stargazer

13-Veteran Bitch ()
1st Lochranza Cordlia

2nd: Shadowview Seabreeze

3rd: Rancectaig Miss Devine

14-Minor Puppy Bitch (4)
1st: Lynwater Petunia

2nd: Fengrove Wild Thyme

3rd: Tanglow Royal

Res: Della Fiumana Time To Rock IMP CRO


15-Puppy Bitch (4)
1st: Misperros Silver Linning At Carmelfair

2nd: Carlundie’s Callaway

3rd: Misperros Silver Bell

Res: Sweet As Sugar Kandy At Devmont

16-Junior Bitch (8,1)
1st : Shanaz Fickle

2nd: Buddonness Little lady

3rd: Mondale Maple Syrup

Res: Whinburn Black Magic

17-Yearling Bitch (3)
1st : Whinburn Abracadabra

2nd: Wishuswell Sweet Dreams

3rd : Belltrees Dark Ember

18-Maiden Bitch (3)
1st : Misperros Silver Bell

2nd: Lynshow Lobelia

3rd: Strathturret Moment In Time

Res: Arnloss Sunset Song

19-Novice Bitch (4,2a)
1st: Buddoness Little Lady

2nd: Strathturret Moment In Time

20-Black; Red/Gold; Black/Tan; Liver; Liver/Tan Graduate Bitch ()
No entries

21-Any Colour other than Black; Red/Gold; Black/Tan; Liver; Liver/Tan Graduate Bitch (4,1a)
1st: Lynshow Dancing With Hope

22-Post Graduate Bitch (4,2a)
 1st: Carmelfair Calabrianna

2nd: Carlundie’s Yaris

3rd: Shadowview Look At Me

23-Limit Bitch (4,3a)
1st: Whinburn Little Grouse

24-Open Bitch (4,1a)
1st: Shanaz Oaty

2nd: Totenkopf Phanessa

3rd: Lynwater Butter Fudge

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