12th August 2012

Judge: Mrs Sharon Adams (Tillarn)


Best in Show: Carmelfair Silver Bangle
Reserve Best in Show: Tipperlin Torchwood
Best Puppy in Show: Shanaz Double Nugget
Best Veteran in Show: Come Fly With Me At Scomar
Reserve Best Dog: Lynwater Sticky Moment
Reserve Best Bitch: Shanaz Thistle
Best Puppy Dog: Laelia You Are My Sunshine

open show aug 12 
Left to right – Shanaz Double Nugget (Reid),  Carmelfair Silver Bangle (Fairbairn), Tipperlin Torchwood (Kennedy)
open show agu 12 1
Left to right – Shanaz Thistle (Reid),  Laelia You Are my Sunshine (Bevilaqua), Lynwater Sticky Moments (Maclean)


Any Colour Veteran Dog (3,2a)
1st. Come Fly with Me at Scomar (Hynd)

Any Colour Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1st. Canyonn Celebration with Laelia (Bevilacqua)
2nd. Laelia You are my Sunshine (Bevilacqua)

Any Colour Puppy Dog (2,1a)
1st. Castleannan*s Archangel (Robertson)

Any Colour Junior Dog (6)
1st.Lynwater Sticky Moment Maclean)
2nd. Dalarran Black Fen Boy (Buchananan)
3rd. Tipperlin Blue Tango (Kennedy)
4th. Strathturret Raindance (Murray)

Any Colour Yearling Dog (6)
1st. Lynwater Double Top (Maclean)
2nd. Totenkopf Pure Indulgence at Wishuwel (Howsley)l
3rd. Toptenkopf Dutch Courage (Flowers)
4th. Lochranza Lord of the Isles (Mcfarlane)

Any Colour Maiden Dog (2,1a)
1st.  Lynwater Home Spun (Mason, Clubb & Mason)

Any Colour Novice Dog (4,1)
1st. Lochranza Lord of the Isles (MacFarlane)
2nd.  Strathturret Raindance (Murray)
3rd. Castleannan’s Archangel (Robertspon)

Black; Red/Gold;  Black/Tan; Liver; Liver/Tan Graduate Dog (3,1a)
1st.  Cooleela Rob Roy (MacFarlane)
2nd.  Totenkopf Dutch Courage JW (Flowers)

Any Colour other than Black; Red/Gold;  Black/Tan; Liver; Liver/Tan Graduate Dog (2)
1st. Strathturret Moonwalker (Murray)
2nd. Scomar Endeavour (Hynd)

Any Colour Post Graduate Dog (5)
1st.  Winterstale Porridge for Shanaz (Reid)
2nd. Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya (Smith)
3rd. Totenkopf Kirlionjis Dutch Dragoon JW Sh CM (Flowers)
Res. Scomar Endeavour (Hynd)
Any Colour Limit Dog (3)
1st. Tipperlinn Torchwood (Kennedy)
2nd. Lynwater Red Kite (Mason, Clubb, Mason)
3rd. Scomar Interceptor (Hynd)

Any Colour Open Dog (8)
1st.  Rhuston Evermore with Budminteal (Williamson)
2nd. Totenkopf Dutch Dabloon (Flowers)
3rd.Tipperlinn Secret Agent (Kennedy)
4th. Vistwin Valhalla
Any Colour Veteran Bitch (3,1a)
1st. Sirrah Sassenach at Strathturret (Murray)
2nd. Javal Songbird (Brown)

Any Colour Minor Puppy Bitch (4,1a)
1st. Molkaqra Monkey Business(Flowers)
2nd. Carmelfair Islay del Misperros (Madigan)

Any Colour Puppy Bitch (5,3a)
1st. Shanaz Double Nugget (Reid)
 2nd. Totenkopf Dutch Carousel At Lindrha (McCaffrey)

Any Colour Junior Bitch (4,1a)
1st.  Shanaz  Oaty (Reid)
2nd. Cooleela Maid of the Mist (MacFarlane)
3rd. Totenkopf Dutch Carousel At Lindrha (McCaffrey)

Any Colour Yearling Bitch (2)
1st.  Totenkopf Dutch Brocade (Flowers)
2nd. Whinburn Capercaillie (Adams)

Any Colour Maiden Bitch (6)
1st.  Shanaz Double Nugget (Reid)
2nd. Carlundie’s Wispa (Cartney) 

Any Colour Novice Bitch (2,1a)
1st.  Shanaz Clootie Dumpling(Reid)

Black; Red/Gold;  Black/Tan; Liver; Liver/Tan Graduate Bitch (7,2a)
1st.  Totenkopf Phoenix Flame (Flowers)
 2nd  Lynwater Reed Warbler (Maclean)
3rd. Lochranza Cordelia (Macfarlane)
Res. Totenkopf Day Dreamer at Wishuwell Howsley)

Any Colour other than Black; Red/Gold;  Black/Tan; Liver; Liver/Tan Graduate Bitch (6,3a)
1st Lindhra Dawn Delight (McCaffrey)
2nd. Shanaz Clootie Dumpling (Reid)
3rd. Strathturret Bossy Boots (Murray)
Any Colour Post Graduate Bitch (6)
1st. Ryanside New Beginnings at Carlundies (Cartney)
2nd. Tipperlin What Katy Did (Kennedy)
3rd. Lindrha Dawn Delight (McCaffrey)
Res.  Strathturret Wildest Dreams (Murray)
Any Colour Limit Bitch (6,4a)
1st  Carmelfair Silver Bangle (Fairbairn)
2nd.  Vistwin Kiss Me Quick (Bradford)

Any Colour Open Bitch (4,1a)
1st.  Shanaz Thistle (Reid)
2nd.  Lochranza Cordelia (MacFarlane)