Championship Show
Sunday 8th Of April

Dogs- Mrs J Wyeth (Fendrove)
Bitches – Mrs J Peak (Bayard)
Referee – Mr D Todd

Best In Show- – Sh Ch Bartonholm Bellssima
Res Best in Show – – Sc Ch Annilann Miss Sing JW

DCC – Claramand Ziggy Ziggy JW Sh Cm
RDCC – Charbonnel Pallando
Bitch CC- Sh Ch Bartonholm Bellssima
RBCC – Sc Ch Annilann Miss Sing JW

BPD & BPIS –Kastrian Affection
BPB & RBPIS– Bartonholm Bellezza

BVIS – Annaside Moonbeam

Full Results

Class 1 – Solid Puppy Dog (5,1)
1st: Thurness Time Warp
2nd: Helenwood Infinity
3rd: Thurness Time Traveler
Res: Sandlauga Soul Man for Claramand.

Class 2 – Solid Novice Dog (2)
1St: Kerrigolw Game of Thrones
2nd: Totenkopf Dutch Spirt Maker

Class 3 – Solid Graduate Dog (3)
1st: Totenkopf Dutch Magician JW
2nd: Briconess Solar Flare
3rd: Whinburn Night Owl JW sh cm

Class 4 – Solid Open Dog (1)
1st: Charbonnel Pallando

Class 5 – Parti Colour Puppy Dog (4)
1st: Bartonholm Barodare
2nd:Pearkim Pokemon At Luanshya
3rd: Ryallcourt Tan About Town at Scomar
Knotdog Chos Away With Sandlauga

Class 6 – Parti Colour Novice Dog (1)
1st: Bartonholm Barodare

Class 7 – Parti Colour Post Graduate Dog(2)
1st: Manlison Mickey Rooney JW Bel Ch
2nd: Scomar Magic Flute

Class 8 – Parti Colour Special Open Dog(1)
1st Scomar Magic Flute

Class 9 – Any Colour Vetreran Dog(3,1)
1St: Pembrokegate Dandy Lad
2nd: Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya sh cm

Class 10- Any Colour Minor Puppy Dog(4)
1st: Belltrees Kandyman
2nd; Kirlinjis Autumleaves
3rd:Snowgate Startstuck
Res: Totenkopf Dutch Blue Lagoon

Class 11- Any Colour Puppy Dog (4)
1st: Kastrian Affection
2nd: Craigdean Holby City
3rd: Thurness Time Warp for Claramand
Res: Helenwood Infinity

Class 12- Any Colour Junior Dog (4,1)
1st: Kerriglow Game of Thrones
2nd:Totenkopf Dutch Spirt.
Ryallcourt Tan about Town at Scomar

Class 13 – Any Colour Maiden Dog(4,1)
1st: Glenntree Gandolfini To Zienne
2nd:Ryallcourt Tan About Town at Scomar
3rd: Kirlinjis Autumleaves

Class 14- Any Colour Novice Dog(2)
1st: Totenkopf Dutch Spirt
2nd: Bartonholm Bagodare

Class 15 – Any Colour Special Yearling Dog(3,1)
1st: Zakova Top Kat JW SH cm lux jn Ch
2nd: Chataway Ronaldo

Class 16 – Any Colour Undergraduate Dog (1,1)

Class 17 – Any Colour Graduate Dog(1)
1st:Dreamist Rock ‘N’ Rye At Colmeir

Class 18 – Any Colour Post Graduate Dog(7,3)
1st: Shirepark Starry Eyed
2nd:Totenkopf Dutch Show time
3rd:Kirlinjis Made You Look JW sc cm
Res: Helenwood Islander

Class 19- Any Colour Mid Limit Dog(4,2)
1st: Nicibec Misunderstook JW
2nd: Scomar Magic Flute

Class 20 – Any Colour Limit Dog(8,4 )
1st: Claramand Zigg Zigg JW sh cm
2nd: Molkara Maurizio
3rd: Totenkopf Magic Touch JW
Res: Thurness Illusionist

Class 21- Any Colour Open Dog
1st: Gallingos Gold Finger
2nd: Scomar Magi Flute

Class 22 – Any Colour Champion Dog
1st: Pt Ch Ch Corralet Amor Brujo

Class 23– Parti Colur Puppy Bitch (5)
1st: Kenwad Guchi Boo of Donherl
2nd: Bartonholm Belletto
3rd: Bartonholm Crossstich at Brabbiffmhor
Res: Lynwater Carmen of Kenwad
VHC: Briarhill Patience

Class 24 – Parti Colour Novice Bitch.(5)
1st: Cassom Moonbeam
2nd: Kelbonny’s Giner Spice
3rd: Dreamist Forevermore.
Res: Bartonholm Crossstich at Branniffmhor
VHC: Vittador Fenella

Class 25 – Parti Colour Post Graduate Bitch.(2,1)
1st: Della Fiumana Time To Rock(IMP CRO)

Class 26 – Parti Colour Special Open Bitch(2)
1st: SC CH Bartonholm Bellssima
2nd: Lynshow Dancing with hope

Class 27 – Solid Colour Puppy Bitch (9,2)
1st: Helenwood Illusion
2nd: Claramand Good Time Girl
3rd: Belltrees Mini Mouse
Res:Kastrian Decoration
VHC: Thurness Timeless

Class 28 – Solid Colour Novice Bitch(2,1)
1st: Lochranza One From The Heart
2nd:Glenntree Summer Design

Class 29 – Solid Colour Post Graduate Bitch (4,1)
1st: Belltrees Dark Ember
2nd:Kenan Korona
3rd:Cooleela Ariadne

Class 30 – Solid Colour Open Bitch(1,1)

Class 31– Any Colour Veteran Bitch
1st: Annaside Moonbeam
2nd:Shadowview Look at Me

Class 32 – Any Colour Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Lynwater Minuet
2nd: Belltrees Mini Mouse
3rd: Grandtully Eliza Doolittle
Res: Lynwater Symphony
VHC: Helenwood Lydia Binn

Class 33 – Any Colour Puppy Bitch (12,2)
1st: Bartonholm Bellezza
2nd:Helenwood Illusion
3rd:Kenwad Guchi Boo of Donherl
Res: Claramand Good time Girl
VHC: Grandtully Eliza Doolittle

Class 34 – Any Colour Junior Bitch (7,1)
1st: Kerriglow Honesty
2nd: Kenwad Black Opium at Ravensgreen
3rd: Dreamist Forevermore
Res: Lochranza One From the Heart
VHC: Barthoholm Crossstich at Branniffmhor

Class 35 – Any Colour Maiden Bitch (3,1)
1st: Snowgate Mood Indigo
2nd: Lochranza One From The Heart

Class 36 – Any Colour Novice Bitch (3)
1st: Cassom Moonbeam
2nd: Lochranza One From The Heart
3rd: Glenntree Summer Design

Class 37 – Any Colour Yearling Bitch
1st: Elroamy Bottoms up at Misperros
2nd: Colenda Crackin Idea
3rd: Lyneater Clotted Cream
Res: Annaside Rose Moon

Class 38 – Any Colour Undergraduate Bitch (1)
1st: Annaside’s Starring Role

Class 39 – Any Colour Graduate Bitch (1)
1st: Kirlinjis Dare To Be Maid

Class 40 – Any Colour Post Graduate Bitch (,1)
1st: Elroamy Bottoms Up at Misperros
2nd: Molkara Pandora
3rd: Colenda Chasing Shadows
Res: Annaside Shinning Star JW sh cm
VHC: Whinburn A Stich In Time For Laelia

Class 41 – Any Colour Mid Limit Bitch(4,2)
1st:Helenwood Amazing Grace
2nd: Snowgate Parti Now At Timbric

Class 42 – Any Colour Limit Bitch(10)
1st: Danton Holy Quest
2nd: Quaralia Claramand Rosmery(IMP CZE)
3rd: Misperros Kisses Of Fire
Res: Nicibec Mischievous JW
VHC: Kalariziennes Zaffiro JW

Class 43– Any Colour Open Bitch (6,1)
1st: Quaralia Claramand Rosmery(IMP CZE)
2nd: Misperros Kisses Of Fire
3rd: Shoogsea Peach Streisand
Res: Cooleela Ariadne

Class 44- Any Colour Champion Bitch(1)
1st : Sh Cm Annilann Miss Sing JW