Championship Show Saturday 13th of November 2021


Dogs: Mrs L Nobes-Strong (Ladlor)

Bitches: Mr A Moss (Ewtor)

Referee : Ms Pamela Halkett (Wiljana)

Best in Show: SH CH Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW
Reserve Best in Show: SH CH Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW

Best Veteran in Show: SH CH Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW

Best Dog : SH CH Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW
Reserve Best Dog: : Sensqui Blackout

Best Bitch : SH CH Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW

Reserve Best Bitch: Oktumi Opalescence

BPD & BPIS: Inverella Iceman
BPB & RBPIS: Buddonness Irish Aoife

1.Veteran Dog (3)

1st: SH CH Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW

2nd: Cassom Sky Rocket At Candyke JW

3rd: Briciness Solar Flare

2- Minor Puppy Dog (2,1a)
1st : Misperros Dezign In Silver

3-Puppy Dog (5,1a)
1st: Inverella Iceman

2nd: Chataway Inspector Morse

3rd: Bartonholm Prince Of Tides At Candyke

Res:Vittador Sea Beet

4- Junior Dog (8,1a)
1st: Craigdean Bolt From The Blue At Luanshya
2nd: Bartonholm Brockman

3rd: Lynwater Jitterbug
Res: Summer Vibes Perfekt Partner

VHC: Durham Blue

5-Yearling Dog (4,1a)
1st : Kenwad Wilbur Force
2nd: More Than Amazing Time Traveler To Kenwad

3rd: Kenwad Rufus

6- Novice Dog (4)

1st: Inverella Iceman

2nd: Lararth Hobson’s Choice

3rd: Durham Blue
Res: Creelshaugh Amadeous

7- Graduate Dog (4)
1st: Kirlinjis Taylor Made
2nd: Covenant Celtic Prince Of Kerrijoy

3rd: Bartonholm Brexiteer

Res: Summer Vibes Perfekt Partner

8- Post Graduate Dog (7,2)
1st : Sensqui Blackout
2nd: Craigdean Henrik Hanssen

3rd: Belltrees Kandyman

Res: Amaroanne Apollo

VHC: Kirlinjis Made To Share (TAF)

9- Limit Dog (8)
1st: Totenkopf Dutch Coultious
2nd: Kenwad Wilbur Force

3rd: Pearkim Pokemon At Luanshya JW
Res: Charbonnel Time N Tide

10- Open Dog (9,1a)
1st: SH.CH. Glenbriar Grand Dezign (IMP AUS)

2nd: Chataway Hijacked
3rd: SH CH Carmelfair Magnifique At Rosecourt

Res: Kerrijoy Maserat

VHC: Amaroanne Theos


11- Veteran Bitch (1)
1st: Annaside Moonbeam VW

12- Minor Puppy Bitch (8,1a)
1st: Buddonness Irish Aoife

2nd: Misperros Silver Summer Sun
3rd: Kirlinjis Made You Want

Res: Craigdean Unfor Greta Ble


13- Puppy Bitch (5,1a)
1st: Annaside Winters Moon
2nd: Lararth Midnight Blue
3rd: Chataway Dress Tartan At Duclarus
Res: Shoogsea Haud Yer Wheesht

14- Junior Bitch (6)
1st: Ravendgreen Abair Ionghadh

2nd: Cassom Merrilegs

3rd: Misperros Butterfly Kiss From Rosecourt
Res: Lynwater Social Media

VHC: Redgranate Gatsby Diamond

15- Yearling Bitch (6)
1st: Oktumi Opalescence
2nd: Whinburn Winter Eclipse

3rd: Bartonholm Belissa

Res: Royal Quest For Sentimental Reason

VHC: Anlasana Angle Eyes

16- Novice Bitch (7,2a)
1st: Lynwater Strathspey

2nd: Lirlinjis Made You Wait

3rd: Shoogsea Haud Yer Wheesht

Res: Fizzwell Maple

VHC: Lourisma Silver Linning

17- Graduate Bitch (14)
1st: Kirlinjis Kustom Made
2nd: Senqui Bonnie Lass
3rd: Ravensgreen Gaol Mo Cridhe
Res: Briciness Solar Corona

VHC: Annaside Sugar moon

18- Post Graduate Bitch (6)
1st: Craigdean Essie Di Lucca
2nd: Carmelfair Ma Cherie Of Rosecourt
3rd: Lynwater Hello Dolly

Res: Creelshaugh Marianna

VHC: Lourisma Silver Lining

19- Limit Bitch (9,2a)
1st: Misperros Sophia Loren

2nd: Grandtully Eliza Doolittle
3rd: Totenkopf Lock N’Key

Res: Kenwad Black Dahlia

VHC: Kenwad Guchi Boo Of Dunherl

20- Open Bitch (11,4a)
1st: SH CH Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW
2nd: Sh CH Amaronne Athena At Wilmerella
3rd: Grandtully Gabrielle

Res: Totenkopf Lock N’Key

VHC: Kenwad Black Tulip of Dunherl