Sunday 13th April 2008

Dogs ~ Mr Moray Armstrong (Bitcon)
Bitches ~ Mrs Rita Brydon (Scotswood)

Best in Show: Baysway Davy Boy (imp)
Best Puppy in Show: Cassom Hey Jude
Dog CC: Baysway Davy Boy (imp)
Reserve Dog CC: Lujesa Ecstasy JW

Bitch CC: Jardinisle Ettiquette
Reserve Bitch CC: Lujesa Touch the Sky JW  
Best Puppy Dog: Cassom Hey Jude Best Puppy Bitch: Canigou Tail me a Story
Veteran Bitch & Best Veteran in Show: Helenwood Irresistible
Veteran Dog: Rancecraig Pickpocket SH CM


Full Results After Photo’s
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From left to Right: Judges: Moray Armstrong & Rita Bryden,

Dog CC Baysway Davy Boy, Bitch CC Jardinisle Ettiquette.

BPD & BPIS Cassom Hey Jude, BPB Canigou Tail me a Story
B Ticket_1024 2008 chVeterans_1024_1

From Left to Right, RBCC Lujesa Touch the Sky JW & BCC Jardinisle Ettiquette
Veteran Bitch, Helenwood Irresistible & Veteran Dog Rancecraig Pickpocket

Many thanks to Janetta Fairbairn for photographs.

Veteran Dog (4, 1a)
1st: – Rancecraig Pickpocket SH CM
2nd: – Staplehill Signature
3rd: – Noslien November Gift

Black: Red/Gold: Black & Tan Puppy Dog (1)
1st: – Claramand Chico Time

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Novice Dog (3)
1st: – Robraine Sulamani
2nd: – Claramand Diamond High
3rd: – Amaclassic The One and Only

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Graduate Dog (3)
1st: – Glentree Zanette JW
2nd: – Canyonn Classic Welcome JW
3rd: – Amaclassic The One and Only

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Special Open Dog (2)
1st: – Claramand Phantom JW
2nd: – Helenwood Innovation SH CM

Any Other Colour Puppy Dog (2, 1a)
1st: – Tvaerra Kings Ransom

Any Other Colour Novice Dog (2)
1st: – Trimtops Country Boy
2nd: – Veedot Blue Pearl

Any Other Colour Graduate Dog (3)
1st: – Joaldy Batchelor Boy
2nd: – Craigdean Franks A Million at Luanshya
3rd: – Carlundie’s Cook up a Storm

Any Other Colour Special Open Dog (4, 2a)
1st: – Baysway Davy Boy (imp)
2nd: – Cassom Dick Dastardly

Any Colour Minor Puppy Dog (5)
1st: – Cassom Hey Jude
2nd: – Lynwater Sea Star
3rd: – Carjinbar Peekaboo
Res: – Nimcol Topgun
V.H.C.: – Tvaerra Kings Ransom

Any Colour Puppy Dog (4, 1a)
1st: – Lochranza Rapheal
2nd: – Claramand Chico Time
3rd: – Carjinbar Peekaboo

Any Colour Junior Dog (9)
1st: – Glentree Let’s Jive at Kalrizienne
2nd: – Sofus Innovation
3rd: – Mondale Blue Sapphire
Res: – Trimtops Country Boy
V.H.C.: – Carlundie’s Cook up a Storm

Any Colour Maiden Dog (2)
1st:- Claramand Diamond High
2nd: – Carjinbar Peekaboo

Any Colour Novice Dog (6)
1st: – Claramand Diamond High
2nd: – Lochranza Raphael
3rd: – Trimtops Country Boy
Res: – Carlundie’s Cook up a Storm
VHC: – Carjinbar Peekaboo

Any Colour Special Yearling Dog (8)
1st: – Chavez Royal Liason JW
2nd: – Weirdene Winning Sweep
3rd: – Topday Mystic Man
Res: – Kelbonny Go Dutch
V.H.C.: – Lynshow Sea Breeze

Any Colour Undergraduate Dog (4)
1st: – Marada Over the Moon
2nd: – Weirdene Winning Sweep
3rd: – Kirlinjis Trick or Treat at Carmelfair
Res: – Joaldy Mr Bumble

Any Colour Graduate Dog (4, 2a)
1st: – Craigdean Franks a Million at Lunashya
2nd: – Chataway Windchime

Any Colour Post Graduate Dog (11)
1st: – Lynwater Spinning Top
2nd: – Claramand Rough Diamond
3rd: – Cassom Dick Dastardly
Res: – Helenwood Wotsisname
V.H.C.: – Weirdene Wildcard

Any Colour Mid Limit Dog (1)
1st: Weirdene Wildcard

Any Colour Limit Dog (11)
1st: – Lujesa Ecstasy JW
2nd: – Lynshow Kraigwitha-K SH CM
3rd: – Weirdene Wildcard
Res: – Craigdean Raven Tan Do
V.H.C.: – Sofus Playmaker

Any Colour Open Dog (7, 3a)
1st: – Windgrove Lord of the Ring
2nd: – Claramand Rough Diamond
3rd: – Kelbonny Go Dutch
Res: – Richian Shanghai at Topday

Veteran Bitch (1)
1st: – Helenwood Irresistible

Any Other Colour Puppy Bitch (4)
1st: – Helenwood Crystal Maze
2nd: – Zakova Silver Rose
3rd: – Lynwater Vanity Fair
Res: – Bitcon Sapphire Twist

Any Other Colour Novice Bitch (7, 5a)
1st: – Lynshow Sheila’s Wheels
2nd: – Sapphire & Steele

Any Other Colour Graduate Bitch (10, 3a)
1st:- Carlundie’s Ignorance is Bliss
2nd: – Jardinisle Class Act
3rd: – Whinburn in a Spin
Res: – Jayzander Strands of Gold
V.H.C. – Lindridge Tiger Lillie at Meldyke

Any Other Colour Special Open Bitch (4, 3a)
1st: – Annilann Miss Isle JW

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Puppy Bitch (5)
1st: – Canigou Tails she Wins
2nd: -Kastrian Essence
3rd: – Gillerlane True Colours
Res: – Cleekie Jisteen Doric Quine

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Novice Bitch (3)
1st: – Lochranza Ailsa
2nd: – Cavalingo Fools Gold
3rd: – Kenan Summer Solstice

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Graduate Bitch (6)
1st: – Canyonn Classic Touch JW
2nd: – Glentree Fleur De Le
3rd: – Fendrove Solitaire JW
Res: – Lochdene Gemma from Grandtully
VHC: – Totenkopf Isleen

Black: Red/Gold: Black/Tan Special Open Bitch (2)
1st: – Fendrove Joy Rider
2nd: – Lilias Lady at Belltrees

Any Colour Minor Puppy Bitch (13, 2a)
1st: – Ridgeackhs Joint Venture with Trentshome
2nd: – Asquanne Generation Gap
3rd: – Lynshow Spirit of the Moon
Res: – Bartonholm Bewitched
V.H.C.: – Rosie Surprise Surprise at Carmelfair

Any Colour Puppy Bitch (10, 1a)
1st: – Canigou Tail me a Story
2nd: – Helenwood Crystal Maze
3rd: – Lochranza Madam Cholet
Res: – Chaysonnie Diva
V.H.C. – Kastrian Essence

Any Colour Junior Bitch (21, 2a)
1st: – Helenwood Dazzlyn
2nd: – Lochranza Specially made for Trentshome
3rd: – Atherbron full of Trouble
Res: – Staplehill Silent Moment
V.H.C.: – Carlundie’s Ignorance is Bliss

Any Colour Maiden Bitch (7, 1a)
1st: – Lochranza Madame Cholet
2nd: – Weirdene Whispered Promise
3rd: – Mondale Eclipse
Res: – Sensqui Simply Delicious
VHC: – Cazden Stroke of Genius

Any Colour Novice Bitch (5)
1st: – Lochranza Madame Cholet
2nd: – Tipperlin Perfect Peach
3rd: – Lynwater Tiger Lilly
Res: – Weirdene Whispered Promise
VHC: – Sensqui Simply Delicious

Any Colour Yearling Bitch (10, 2a)
1st: Lujesa Touch the Sky JW
2nd: – Asquanne Ginelle JW
3rd: – Carmelfair Silver Chalice JW
Res: – Strathturret Shaking It
V.H.C.: – Glentree Armani

Any Colour Undergraduate Bitch (6, 1a)
1st: – Carlundie’s Ignorance is Bliss
2nd: – Whinburn in a Spin
3rd: – Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow
Res: – Weirdene Winter Sky

Any Colour Graduate Bitch (5, 2a)
1st: – Lynwater Tiger Lilly
2nd: – Lindridge Tiger Lillie at Meldyke
3rd: – Kirlinjis Ghosts and Ghouls

Any Colour Post Graduate Bitch (10, 4a)
1st: – Whinburn Whispering Dreams SH CM
2nd: – Kastrian Captivation JW SH CM
3rd: – Cazden Knockando
Res: – Borthwick Hope
V.H.C.: – Marada Glow of Elegance at Hebdene

Any Colour Mid Limit Bitch (4, 1a)
1st: – Lynwater Rum Truffle
2nd: – Lynwater Sweet Nutmeg
3rd: – Javal Songbird

Any Colour Limit Bitch (16, 2a)
1st: – Jardinisle Ettiquette
2nd: – Helenwood Wiggle Dance
3rd: – Crofters Tuppins at Cazden
Res: – Lochdene Gemma from Grandtully
V.H.C.: – Kirlinjis Ghosts n Ghouls

Any Colour Open Bitch (15, 6a)
1st: – Lujesa Dolce Piselli JW
2nd: – Sofus Melodymaker
3rd: – Annilann Miss Tick Meg
Res: – Crofters Tuppins at Cazden
V.H.C.: – Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow

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