Sunday 8th August 2010

Judge: Carol Share-Jones (Sharemead)

Best in Show: Tipperlin Torchwood (Kennedy)
Reserve Best in Show: Totenkopf Blue Moon at Auchterbank (Hyslop)
Best Puppy in Show: Creelshaugh Happy Feet (Garrett) 
Best Veteran in Show: Whinburn Chasing Dreams (Bodzak)
Best Dog: Tipperlin Torchwood (Kennedy)
Reserve Best Dog: Totenkopf Blue Moon at Auchterbank (Hyslop)
Best Bitch: Lynshow Sineubhar (Mason)
Reserve Best Bitch: Kirlinjis Little Mermaid JW (Torbett)
Best Puppy Dog: Creelshaugh Happy Feet  (Garrett)
Best Puppy Bitch: Lynwater Truffle Delight (MacLean)



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Veteran Dog (4,2)
1st. SH CH IR Lynshow Kraigwitha-K Sh CM (Mason)
2nd. Amaroanne My Father’s Eyes (Lowery)
Minor Puppy Dog (4,1)
1st. Kirlinjis Dutch Dabloon (Flowers)
2nd. Kirlinjis Dutch Admiral (Torbett)
3rd. Lynwater Blue Whispers (Maclean)
Puppy Dog (1)
1st. Creelshaugh Happy Feet (Garrett)
Junior Dog (3,2)
1st. Strathturret Moonwalker (Murray)
Yearling Dog (4)
1st. Lynwater Blue Thunder (MacLean)
2nd. Totenkopf Dutch Dabloon JW (Flowers)
3rd. Strathturret Moonwalker (Murray)
Res. Cooleela Rob Roy (McFarlane)
Maiden Dog (2,1)
1st. Lynwater Standing By (McFadzean)
Novice Dog (3,1)
1st. Kirlinjis Dutch Admiral (Torbett)
2nd. Lynwater Standing By (McFadzean)
Black; Red/Gold;  Black/Tan; Liver; Liver/Tan Graduate Dog (2,1)
1st. Cooleela Rob Roy (McFarlane)
AOC Graduate Dog (5)
1st. Totenkopf Blue Moon at Auchterbank (Hyslop)
2nd. Strathturret Moonwalker (Murray)
3rd. Lynwater Standing By (McFadzean)
Res. Scomar Endeavour (Hynd)
Post Graduate Dog (4,1)
1st. Tipperlinn Torchwood (Kennedy)
2nd. Totenkopf Moondust (Flowers)
3rd Scomar Endeavour (Hynd) 
Limit Dog (4,2)
1st. Rhuston Evermore with Budminteal (Williamson)
2nd. Scomar Interceptor (Hynd)
Open Dog (5,1)
1st. Tipperlinn Secret Agent (Kennedy)
2nd. Wildvale Rioja (Wild)
3rd. Scomar Interceptor (Hynd)
Res.Belltrees Another Blue (Davidson)
Veteran Bitch (3,1)
1st. Whinburn Chasing Dreams (Bodzak)
2nd. Sirrah Sassenach at Strathturret (Murray)
Minor Puppy Bitch (5)
1st. Lynwater Truffle Delight (MacLean)
2nd. Lynwater Once Upon a Time (Maclean)
3rd. Ryanside New Beginning at Carlundie
Res. Kirlinjis Dutch Dream (Hamilton)
Puppy Bitch (7)
1st. Carmelfair Seonaid (Fairbairn)
2nd. Thurness Amber Dreams (Pollock)
3rd. Totenkopf Phanessa (Flowers)
Res. Strathturret Wildest Dream (Murray)
Junior Bitch (8,2)
1st. Tipperlinn What Katy Did (Kennedy)
2nd. Daltonare Dazzler (Findlay)
3rd. Belltrees Bonnie Lassie (Woods)
Res. Whinburn Win Me Over (Bodzak)
Yearling Bitch (2,1)
1st. Strathturret Boogie Woogie
Maiden Bitch (7,1)
1st. Tipperlinn Gabriella (Kennedy)
2nd. Strathturret Wildest dream
3rd. Kirlinjis Dutch Dream (Hamilton)
Res. Carmelfair Roc n’ Roll at Miperrera
Novice Bitch (5,2)
1st.Totenkopf Sunburst (Flowers)
2nd. Budminteal Amber Nectar of Almerson
3rd. Mistesso Jo’s little Angel of Annickford
Black;Red/Gold;Black/Tan Graduate Bitch (3,1)
1st.Kenan Summer Solstice (Bodzak)
2nd. Lochranza Cordelia (McFarlane)
AOC Graduate Bitch (9,2)
1st. Kirlinjis Little Mermaid JW
2nd. Lynwater Toffee Truffle (MacLean)
3rd. Tipperlinn Inky Pinky (Kennedy)
Res. Strathturret Boogie Woogie (Murray)
Post Graduate Bitch (5,2)
1st. Craigdean Mammamia (Lowery)
2nd. Daltonare Dazzler (Findlay)
3rd. Borthwick Hope (Ovens)
Limit Bitch (5,1)
1st. Lynshow Sineubhar (Mason)
2nd. Whinburn Whispering Dreams Sh CM (Adams)
3rd. Lindridge Tiger Lillie at Meldyke (Gibson)
Res. Lynwater Vanity Fair (MacLean)
Open Bitch(5,3)
1st. Javal Songbird (Brown)
2nd. Lochranza Cordelia (McFarlane)

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